University of the Aegean Department of Mathematics

The Kerkis Font Family

Version 2.0

The Kerkis Font Family has now reached version 2.0. This version adds full polytonic support for Greek plus greek numerals in all shapes and all series. In addition to this we give a preliminary version of KerkisSans. Kerkis is based on URW Bookman freely distributed with many TeX systems.
KerkisSans is based on a free version of AvantGard found around the Internet. Both Kerkis and
KerkisSans greatly extend the amount of glyphs of their predecessors.

Kerkis provides the following series/shapes:
KerkisSans provides:

In this pages we will give instructions for LaTeX and X11 (Kerkis is now included in Mandrake-Linux). The fonts can also work with GNU-groff please check the pages of Professor Robert Goulding at Princeton University here


The Copyright of the fonts belongs to the The Department of Mathematics of the University of the Aegean, Karlobasi, Samos, Greece

If you want to use this font family in commercial work (like in books) you *must* include in the Copyright section the fact that you are using "Kerkis (C) Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean".

The Copyright of the Babel package and it's greek option must still be respected.

The Copyright of kerkis.sty belongs to A. Syropoulos and A. Tsolomitis.

Download & Instructions

Click on the next links for instructions for LaTeX or X11

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The OTF version was kindly contributed by Andreas Nikolaidis.

Antonis Tsolomitis
Univirsity of the Aegean
Department of Mathematics
83200 Karlovassi, Samos

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January 2003